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Her Campus Magazine-Chatham:10 Reasons You Should Check Out CFT’s New EP

Check out what Her Campus Magazine had to say about us!

Earlier this semester, Music Blogger Onastasia Youssef had the amazing opportunity to talk with the guys of Clear For Takeoff about their history, creative process and even their Halloween costumes.

The band’s new EP is out today, and we’ve got 10 reasons that you definitely have to check it out!

1. It’ll be the soundtrack to your summer. Whether you’re still on campus or you’re hitting the highway, nothing will get you more fired up for the months ahead than letting loose with this EP.

2. They’re nice. And funny. And all-around awesome.

3. They’re produced by Rob Freeman, the superstar behind Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes and Hit the Lights: an awesome seal of approval.

4. They’ve already gone shopping with you. If you’re a Hollister devotee, you’ve probably heard their song “Rockaby in E-Flat” while perusing the racks. Hollister tends to have great taste in music.

5. They played the Virgin Mobile FreeFest last year. Over 50,000 people. Cee Lo Green and Deadmau5. Too cool.
6. They still run their own social media. If you leave them a comment on Facebook after giving the EP a listen, they’re going to read it; how cool is that?!

7. They update their YouTube channel all the time with some seriously entertaining stuff.

8. They’re nearby. The band is based out of Maryland, so they play a ton of shows only a short road trip away (though we’re definitely holding out hope they’ll be in Pittsburgh soon!).

9. They call their fans “the squadron.” 

10. They’re pretty epic.
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Apr 24

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